Order and delivery

Delivery deadline runs

Our purpose is to deliver products to the customer as quickly as possible as from the reception of the order. Most of our products are available for an immediate delivery. Our departures take place every Monday, so that the goods are delivered by carrier before the end of the week. 
For any additional request, you can phone in or send an e-mail in:

Reception in poor condition?
If ever your parcel is not delivered in good condition, watch to keep the receipt of the carrier, with his remarks, for us send him. In case of complaint, we shall ask you for it necessarily.

Practical and secure payment

Credit card
Pay in a simple and secured way by credit card (MasterCard, Visa, Credit card). Your bank account will be sold only the day of the expeditionshipping of your parcel. 

Safe way " Mastercard SecureCode " and " Verified by Aimed ": if you pay your purchase by one of the cards indicated above, the appropriate procedures help you to make your payment in a safe way. When you seize your data, a window displays so that you can seize a password either a secret code. The data for the authorization of the payment will be sent codified to the company of credit card to be verified there. If you do not still possess a word of pass or code, please ask for one your company of credit card.

Pre-payment by bank transfer
Command and pay the amount of the invoice on our account by indicating your name and your number of command. As soon as we received the confirmation of the reception of the payment, we deliver you your goods. 

The expedition is made in the reception of the check. For that purpose, send your payment to the order of: ISLE SAINT PIERRE SARL, at the following address: 
Domaine Isle Saint Pierre
13104 - Mas Thibert